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Shiawassee County Democratic Party

To join the Shiawassee County Democratic Party (SCDP), you need to be a member of the Michigan Democratic Party (MDP). The MDP offers nine options for membership.

Once you join the MDP, based on your address, you will be added to the membership roll of the Shiawassee Dems. 

Being a member of the MDP empowers you with the following resources to support Democrats in Michigan, such as: 

  • Party voting rights at all meetings and state conventions

  • Local and  digital training opportunities

  • Monthly newsletter

If you're already a MDP member, or you do not want to join the party at this time, but you still want to help: 

  • Please keep your contribution right here in Shiawassee County to help support local Democrats

Being a member of the SCDP provides access to the following: 

  • Local events

  • Network of local supporters

  • Campaign support and resources

  • Volunteer opportunities

  • Your time, energy, and money remain in Shiawassee County

  • Satisfaction that you're helping to improve local politics

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