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Shiawassee County Democratic Party

To join the Shiawassee County Democratic Party (SCDP), you need to be a member of the Michigan Democratic Party (MDP). The MDP offers nine options for membership. The most affordable tier starting at only $10 per year!

Once you join the MDP, based on your address, you will be added to the membership roll of the Shiawassee Dems. 

Being a member of the MDP empowers you with the following resources to support Democrats in Michigan, such as: 

  • Party voting rights at all meetings and state conventions

  • Local and  digital training opportunities

  • Monthly newsletter

If you're already a MDP member, or you do not want to join the party at this time, but you still want to help: 

  • Please keep your contribution right here in Shiawassee County to help support local Democrats

Being a member of the SCDP provides access to the following: 

  • Local events

  • Network of local supporters

  • Campaign support and resources

  • Volunteer opportunities

  • Your time, energy, and money remain in Shiawassee County

  • Satisfaction that you're helping to improve local politics

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