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Getting Your Campaign Off the Ground

Course Details


Average Completion Time:

1 Hour Virtual Self-Paced

Time To Complete:

Unlimited Access

So you’ve decided to run for office — now it’s time to make it official! Election rules can change based on what city and state you’re running in, and they’re different for each office; i.e. a mayoral vs. a state legislative race. To set yourself up for success from day one, take this course to learn how these rules might govern your campaign. From registering with the government and getting a federal tax ID, to getting your name on the ballot, we’ll walk you through the major elements involved in launching your candidacy.



Course Objectives:

  • Register your campaign with the appropriate government entity and make your candidacy official

  • Get your name on the ballot

  • Identify key deadlines for the office you’re seeking and add them to a campaign calendar

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