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SCDP Urges Voters To Decline Signing Petition

As published in The Argus-Press - April 27, 2024

I wish to bring to your attention a petition circulating in our community that seeks to overturn Michigan’s renewable energy laws, led by an organization called Citizens For Local Choice. This petition, while perhaps well-intentioned, completely overlooks the necessity of a unified, strategic approach.

The petition advocates for the dismantling of state-level energy regulations to return control to local governments. However, we must recognize that the journey to energy independence is not a series of isolated steps, but a long, determined effort towards a unified goal. Systemic problems generally require systemic solutions, and comprehensive state-wide planning ensures that our stride towards this goal is not only consistent but also informed by the expertise required to build efficient, sustainable, and robust energy infrastructure.

Local government officials, while deeply invested in our communities, typically lack the specialized knowledge essential for complex energy planning. They face the daunting task of navigating intricate energy systems, often without the necessary tools or information. It is unrealistic to expect every small municipality to manage the complexities of energy infrastructure, which include not only the logistical challenges but also the legal and financial intricacies that accompany them.

In contrast, our state government is equipped with the resources, expertise, and overarching vision necessary to handle strategic energy system planning. It can align local interests with the broader needs of the state, ensuring that every Michigander has access to clean, affordable, and reliable energy. This is not about stripping away local control but about leveraging the collective strength of our state to secure a future that is energy independent, environmentally conscious, and economically sound.

Shiawassee County Democrats participate in our thrice-yearly road cleanup day on South M-52

The repeal proposed by Citizens For Local Choice would fracture our energy policy into disjointed fragments, each with its own set of standards and regulations. This fragmentation would significantly delay our progress towards renewable energy goals and undermine the efficiency of our efforts. Instead, we need to bolster the mechanisms that can handle the scale and complexity of energy planning and implementation.

Michigan’s energy independence is a matter that affects us all — it dictates the health of our environment, the size of our energy bills, and the strength of our economy. Therefore, the Shiawassee County Democratic Party stands firmly against the proposed repeal. We advocate for a forward-thinking, state-coordinated energy policy that secures the well-being of Michigan and its residents now and in the future.

In Support of Our Community,

Stephen Schlaack

Chairperson, Shiawassee County Democratic Party

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