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Shiawassee County Democratic Party Supports Transportation Millage

The Shiawassee County Democratic Party writes to express its wholehearted support for the transportation millage on the upcoming ballot in the City of Owosso. This millage supports the Shiawassee Area Transportation Agency (SATA), which is a vital lifeline for our community, and the proposed .3333 millage is pivotal in maintaining and advancing this essential service.

Here's why supporting the millage makes sense for the City of Owosso:

  • Sustained Independence: Public transportation provides independence for many in our community, especially seniors, people with disabilities, and those without personal vehicles. By approving the millage, we guarantee the continuation of these crucial services.

  • Economic Development: An effective and reliable transit system is a cornerstone of local economic health. It not only gets residents to work, shops, and appointments but also attracts businesses and workers looking to settle in a well-connected community.

  • Community Investment: The millage is but a continuation of the community's long-standing commitment to public transit, reflecting the same rate previously approved by City of Owosso voters.

  • Equitable Service: Without the millage, costs will rise, and service could be reduced, disproportionately affecting our most vulnerable neighbors. We must ensure equitable access to transportation for all.

  • Fiscal Responsibility: The funds from this millage go directly to bus operations, not capital projects, exemplifying responsible stewardship of taxpayer dollars.

The most direct way to support SATA and ensure the continuation of vital public transportation services is to vote in the upcoming election (Feb. 27). Those needing information on how to register to vote can visit the Michigan Voter Information Center at or contact your local clerk’s office:

In 2018, Owosso voters overwhelmingly supported public transportation. Let us come together once more to honor that commitment. A vote for the millage is a vote for Owosso’s future—its independence, economic vitality, and equitable service for all residents.

Let’s continue to move forward together.

Yours In Solidarity,

Stephen Schlaack

Chairperson, Shiawassee County Democratic Party

As originally published in the Owosso Argus-Press on February 23rd, 2024 (ARTICLE LINK).

Recently purchased (2023) SATA Bus in front of the Curwood Castle in Owosso.

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